What is research amongst technologies?

5 May 2011
6pm to 9pm -Room 407, 30 Russell Square, WC1B 5DT

This workshop seeks to explore the broad question what is research amongst technologies? through a series of group exercises, discussions, examples and theoretical and practical reflections. We will begin by exploring what might count as ‘technology’ in the first place, before asking what qualities have made specifically digital technology a key narrative of change in our contemporary times. While we will affirm that the rise of digital technologies has fundamental social and cultural implications, we will also explore the argument that the potentials and limits of such technologies ultimately comes down how we as humans use them, and the conditions in which we do so. During the workshop, we will move incrementally from exploring these issues in a more general way, towards an examination of their implications for research practice specifically – from design, to data collection and storage, to sharing and dissemination.

Jake Strickland has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. Originally trained in sound design he then started designing audio and visual media for performance and events. Producing films and online content came next, but found he was most interested in how all these digital tools could be used together, in different environments, both technically and ergonomically. He is now a digital producer working across many disciplines looking at how people engage with the technology they use.

Scott Rodgers is Lecturer in Media Theory within the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck, and co-convener of Doing Research Amongst Technologies. His research interests encompass media and communications, urban geography, political theory, and science and technology studies. Scott’s research practice is broadly ethnographic, informed by areas such as ethnomethodology, actor-network theory and phenomenology, as well as specific writers such as Wittgenstein, Heidegger, McLuhan, Latour, Bourdieu, and others. A major strand of his current research explores how urban life has been a longstanding focus for and milieu of professional and amateur journalism. He is currently working on a book that explores these themes, focused on the transmuting relationship of the newspaper and the city.


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