Using data analysis software: an introduction to NVivo

23 June 2011
6pm to 9pm – Room 422, Main Birkbeck Building, Malet Street, WC1E 7HX

Abstract:The workshop will provide participants with a basic overview of qualitative data analysis using NVivo coding software. Advances in computing software have provided opportunities to greatly assist and arguably enhance data analysis. Despite resistance amongst some qualitative researchers, the discussion will focus on what coding software can offer researchers beyond the ‘creeping’ quantification of qualitative research. The epistemological and methodological implications will be discussed before moving on to a practical hands-on session which will introduce participants to the software and demonstrate how NVivo can help researchers to manage data and ideas, query, and graphically model relationships within the data. Please feel free to bring your own data sources in word format.

Gareth Harris is a lecturer in Research Methods at Birkbeck and Queen Mary whose research has focused on support for the extreme right in the UK. He has worked for various organisations, Demos, the Young Foundation and the Department of Communities and Local Government conducting both qualitative and quantitative research on the sources of anti-immigrant sentiment and racial prejudice in East London and the West Midlands.


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