Designing for Responsive Communities

19 May 2011
6pm to 9pm -Room 407, 30 Russell Square, WC1B 5DT


I would like to discuss our future in an Internet of Things. How can we get a broad based civil society together to discuss social standards and qualities that we want to embed into future technology? What do we want those standards to be?

Christian Nold is an artist, designer and educator working to develop new participatory models and technologies for communal representation. In 2001 he wrote the book “Mobile Vulgus,”i which examined the psychosomatic history of the political crowd. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2004, Nold has led many large-scale participatory mapping projects. In particular his “Bio Mapping” project has been staged in sixteen different countries with more than 1500 workshop participants. In 2009, Nold edited the book “Emotional Cartography – Technologies of the Self.”ii For the last six years, Nold has been developing an extensive tool-kit of technologies that blend together human and non-human sensors for local governance. This year, Nold launched an experimental currency, the “Bijlmer Euro,” which allows people to follow where their money moves.


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