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Calling participants for Guardian HE Network ‘Live Chat’ on academia and the Internet

We (Sophie Hope, Lorraine Lim and Scott Rodgers) have been invited to partake in a ‘Live Chat’ on Friday 3 June, from 1-4pm very much related to the aims of this workshop series. The live chat is hosted by the Guardian Higher Education Network, and addresses the topic: ‘Breaching the digital divide: How could HE better use the internet?

Sophie and Lorraine have graciously agreed to let Scott serve as a representative on the panel. But the main thing about the chat is that it has participants (the panel as such is mainly to ensure designated discussants for the duration of the live chat). So, please do consider joining in at some point on 3 June between 1pm and 4pm. To partake, you simply need to visit the above link and add comments to the article (you will need to register on The Guardian website, but it’s very simple).

Hope to ‘see’ some of you there!