Doing research amongst technologies is a workshop series hosted by the Centre for Media, Culture and Creative Practice at Birkbeck, University of London. It explores the possibilities, and uncertainties, of conducting postgraduate research in a contemporary environment of often remarkable new technologies.

Postgraduate researchers today live in exciting times. Multimedia interfaces, digital archives, geo-locative devices, open source software, data analysis packages and more. Research students today arguably have more options than ever to make use of technologies in their research design, performance and dissemination. This emerging landscape of new technologies and new techniques might be described as enchanting; yet, just as often, it can be bewildering.

This workshop series aims to provide postgraduate researchers with a sampling of innovative research which, in diverse ways, makes use of ‘technologies’. Participants of this workshop series will be encouraged to broaden their imaginations about the range of creative ways in which technologies can be used in research. The workshops will not only highlight possible practical applications of various research technologies – helping guide researchers to make informed choices – but will also provoke epistemological and theoretical questions about the nature of technology and research practice in the contemporary environment.

The funding for this workshop has been provided through Birkbeck’s 2010/11 allocation of Roberts Funding from Research Councils UK (RCUK).


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